Best Fire Extinguisher in India

Best Fire Extinguisher in India

Best Fire Extinguisher in India

Naaz Engineering Works is a prominent player in the fire and safety equipment business, with a wide selection of product types available in the market such as electrical fire extinguishers, clean agent fire extinguishers, powder fire extinguishers, electronic fire extinguishers, abc powder fire extinguishers, co2 fire extinguishers in most possible forms such as portable, wheeled, gas cartridges and also safety gears.

Since it was founded in Mumbai in 1980 the company itself is established countrywide and is proud to say it is one of the best fire extinguisher in India and fire protection equipment suppliers in India reigning as the leader in its field compared to other fire extinguisher manufacturers, consistent in premium quality of material and ensuring committed supply and guaranteeing undettered performance for the end user.

At Naaz Engineering Works, one of our core ideals, as instilled, has been growth of the brand as well as the suppliers, and consumers, simultaneously investing in newer technology and upgrading necessary aspects of ou and as a key element of our foresight.

With over four decades of knowledge, experience, participation, and a major reputation staked in the market with

We have employed under our belt qualified management teams, house engineering experts, quality and assurance teams, who help run and manage the enterprise at the very core levels keeping in mind the company’s essential values and while executing the long term vision of holding our position as the market leader and achieving targets in the business and in terms of annual growth.

We are constantly invested on innovating, creating, and developing new methods, and products as well as safety gear and also look forward to placing in the market a product that accommodates various prices as per need and scale of the operation. Not only do we manufacture but we also enable refilling of certain fire protection equipment and extinguishers.

This speaks volumes about the strength and capabilities of our company and marks its foothold in the business and the fire protection and safety industry. We have ensured that our standards protocols have been formed in a way such that our brand value today speaks for itself when mentioned in the fire safety and protection equipment industry, and if not that, our business statistics have been clear enough about our exponential progress year after year,as we conduct business with about 200 clients in around 50 fire safety and protection equipment and gear.

We at Naaz Engineering Works are committed to raise the bar of excellence in the area of service, products and quality. We believe in continuously delivering the same by upholding the highest ethical standard, committment and integrity. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company with over 4 decades of experience in stream of Fire Protection.

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