Carbon Dioxide NewEx

Carbon Dioxide Newex

Carbon Dioxide NewEx (CO2) Extinguishers

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are the essential douser utilized in stifling electrical flames. You will regularly discover CO2 dousers in PC worker rooms or territories where an enormous number of electrical gadgets exist.

What is the Carbon dioxide NewEx(CO2) Fire Extinguisher Label Color?
The name tone for CO2 fire quenchers is dark.

Utilizations for Carbon dioxide NewEx (CO2) Fire Extinguishers
The CO2 douser can be utilized to stifle electrical flames and flames including combustible fluids like petroleum.

Try not to Use For
The carbon dioxide quencher ought not be utilized in the accompanying situations:
Flames including combustible metals
Kitchen fires
Flames including materials like paper or materials.

How CO2 Extinguishers work
This kind of fire douser works by choking out the fire with CO2, making the oxygen be uprooted and the fire to wear out.

Sorts of Businesses that need this douser
Co2 Fire quenchers ought to be utilized by organizations with electrical gear. Business, for example,
Worker rooms
Innovation stores

Where to store CO2 Extinguishers
CO2 fire dousers ought to be put away close to the wellspring of the fire hazard or potentially by the closest fire exits.

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