Fire Extinguishers In Mumbai

Fire Extinguishers In Mumbai

Fire Extinguishers In Mumbai

Fire has yet been the most quintessential yet hazardous discovery since the start of time, being the same element whose dual nature supports life and death. To quote Tolstoy ‘A spark neglected burns the house’, and we believe when you truly love those around you and value your assets, it’s your responsibility to protect them to the best of your abilities.

Founded in Mumbai in the year 1980 Naaz engineering Works is professionally dedicated and responsible for safety of people, they are full scale risk and management service, also providers and manufacturers as well as exporters of all types of fire safety and firefighting equipment that are used to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire in places such as buildings or vehicles. With premium after sales service and specially customized high-end products, cataloged per demand and a passionate team of knowledgeable staff and associates handy, the company also offers its extended involvement into inspection, testing and maintenance services as part of its arsenal.

The brand has an elaborate chain of networks and prides itself on its competency, reliability, efficiency and decades of unmatched experience and customer service. They offer knowledge and consultation solutions that include fire risk assessment and analysis on request. Naaz Engineering is well known amongst top tier cities nationally such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Hyderabad when it comes to firefighting, safety and security equipment. The state-of-the-art quality and innovation brought in by our company stands at the forefront of how the business has expanded from what was a single outlet, to a chain of manufacturing and consulting solutions across India. We don’t just create products, we strive to engineer perfection by investing in research and development, rigorously testing equipment at our labs and putting them through the most stringent processes, adhering to all regulated norms and certifications, so that wherever we go, your house, your business and your environment are safety compliant, a promise of better life quality.

We at Naaz Engineering, believe in measuring our success by how we impact the lives of people that choose to put their faith in us when it comes to fire prevention, fire safety hazards, risks and precautions, while we ensure to build easy to use products for day to day needs. We are one of the most reliable makers of Fire Extinguishers In Mumbai When we talk about hazards involving fire, it doesn’t matter what industry or where you’re from, Naaz Engineering Works is a company you can count on for end-to-end fire protection safety. Our Goal is to be hte most reliable company of Fire Extinguishers In Mumbai.

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