Naaz Carbon Dioxide

Naaz Carbon DioxideNaaz Carbon Dioxide

Naaz Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishers

Naaz Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are the essential douser utilized in stifling electrical flames. You will regularly discover CO2 dousers in PC worker rooms or territories where an enormous number of electrical gadgets exist.

What is the Naaz Carbon dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguisher Label Color?

  • The name tone for CO2 fire quenchers is dark.
  • Utilizations for Carbon dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguishers
  • The CO2 douser can be utilized to stifle electrical flames and flames including combustible fluids like petroleum.

Try not to Use For

  • The carbon dioxide quencher ought not be utilized in the accompanying situations:
  • Flames including combustible metals
  • Kitchen fires
  • Flames including materials like paper or materials.

How Naaz CO2 Extinguishers work

  • This kind of fire douser works by choking out the fire with CO2, making the oxygen be uprooted and the fire to wear out.
  • Sorts of Businesses that need this douser
  • Co2 Fire quenchers ought to be utilized by organizations with electrical gear. Business, for example,
  • Worker rooms
  • Workplaces
  • Innovation stores

Where to store Naaz CO2 Extinguishers

  • CO2 fire dousers ought to be put away close to the wellspring of the fire hazard or potentially by the closest fire exits.

Here are the best things to think about Naaz Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers:

  • CO2 fire dousers are intended for Class B fluid flames and protected to use on live electrical. Class B fires that can be stifled with a carbon dioxide quencher incorporate combustible fluids and gases, solvents, oil, oils (barring cooking oils/oils), tars, oil-based paints and finishes. Class C flames, which include invigorated electrical hardware, can likewise be doused with CO2.
  • CO2 dislodges the oxygen to quench the fire. At the point when the CO2 gas is delivered from the douser it would seem that dry ice. This “cloud” of CO2 lessens the oxygen noticeable all around the fire and covers it. This sort of douser doesn’t function admirably outside because of wind float. The breeze can brush the carbon dioxide off of the fire and take oxygen back to the blazes.
  • The release range is tiny. Whenever CO2 is delivered from the quencher, it will begin to spread, as gases do. Along these lines, the level release scope of the CO2 stream is restricted to 3-10 feet. This reach is about a large portion of the normal reach for an ABC douser.
  • They don’t leave any buildup after the fire is doused. Carbon dioxide cuts off the oxygen supply and cuts down the temperature of the fire with its cool presence. When the CO2 gas has quenched the fire, it will disperse into the environment suddenly and completely. No buildup regularly implies no harm. This is a major benefit for costly electronic gear, as opposed to utilizing a commonplace ABC douser, which utilizes a powder that can be destructive.
  • Keep away from contact between exposed skin and administered CO2. It can cause frostbite! The carbon dioxide transforms into dry ice when it is released from the douser. The CO2 is amazingly chilly, which assists with chilling off the combustible fluids or hardware if a fire were to happen. Nonetheless, because of the incredibly chilly temperature of the carbon dioxide, stay away from contact between the CO2 release and uncovered skin.
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers are filled with non-flammable carbon dioxide gas. The CO2 fire extinguisher can be easily identified by its hard horn and lack of pressure gauge. The pressure in the extinguisher is so extreme that bits of dry ice may shoot out of the horn when discharged
  • Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are ideal for electrical fires or flammable liquid fires. CO2 is harmless to electrical equipment and so is ideal for offices and workshops. Both dry powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers have non-conductive, anti-static horns.

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